High Energy Batch Milling Process

  • The mill base which has been perfectly pre-dispersed with a Variable Speed DISSOLVER will be finely ground by the MIKRONS-BASKET-MILL in the same mixing container after an intermediate dilution.

  • A DISC mounted below the grinding chamber guarantees an effective agitation and dwell time of the product in the double walled coolable grinding chamber. With the help of the new suction effect, the product will be moved more intensely through the grinding zone filled with grinding media. This suction effect makes it possible to grind products with a higher viscosity.

  • The grinding media is accelerated in the grinding chamber by highly abrasion proof grinding discs. The separation of the grinding media from the product is made by a large bar sieve which can be easily replaced.

  • In our grinding system, there is a direct relationship between particle residual time and particle size distribution. At the end of the process, the finess spectrum is very narrow and the color strength is duly achieved.

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