How Basket Mill Works?

  • Grinding Chamber is designed as an open system so that Grinding Media remains in a floating state.

  • The mill consists of a disc fixed on a vertical shaft inside a stationary basket. The basket assembly, immersed into mobile vessel is filled with appropriate milling beads.

  • By the disc rotation, the beads are accelerated and produce tremendous friction and shear effect, dispersing and milling the particles in suspension in the mill base passing through the basket.

  • The combination of dissolving impeller and grinding disc provides outstanding dispersing and grinding results within a short time and with less power consumption.

  • The bottom of the basket, made of slotted bars, separates the beads from the product which is pumped out by an impeller situated below the separator and actuated by same vertical shaft.

  • This impeller by its axial/radial pumping effect creates the circulation of the product in the vessel and its transfer into milling basket.
  • The temperature of the mill base is controlled by removing the excess heat with the efficient cooling jacket of the basket; as a result cooling of vessel is not required.

  • The basket is cooled inside. Thanks to double walled basket together with the easily interchangeable jacketed container for effective and efficient water cooling to assist in controlling batch temperature

  • Since no pumps, hoses pipes, valves and additional containers are necessary, the cleaning is very easy and a quick change of the mill base is possible. The product can be manufactured from start to finish using the same container.

  • Infinitely variable speed control with updated frequency converters. Variable speed range from 0 to 1200 rpm with nearly constant torque.

  • Processing is done in a closed container without evaporation of solvents and with practically no product loss. The contamination of the environment is prevented

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