Design Highlights

  • MIKRONS have all the advantages of world renowned mixer-dispersers with elevating rams and infinitely variable speed controls.

  • All parts coming into contact with the media have extremely hard surfaces, which result in minimum wear. All the parts coming into contact with the material being processed are wear resistance stainless steel, to reduce clean down time.

  • A pressurized lid enables processing in a controlled atmosphere or vacuum.

  • The grinding chamber is fitted with a specialized jacket for the circulation of cooling water. This cooling system effectively dissipates heat during the grinding operation and efficiently decreases the temperature of the product during grinding.

  • Alternatively the interchangeable dispersing/grinding vessel is fitted with a spiral flow water jacket for optimum temperature control.

  • The rotor can be driven by a two speed motor or by a frequency inverter with infinitely variable speed.

  • Our Mill can work under vacuum. The vacuum can aerate the material to be processed, decrease viscosity, modify thyxotropy, in other words improve rheological properties of the base product.

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