Advantages of BKM over Bead Mill

  • Coating products can be manufactured from start to finish using the same container.
  • The premixing operation is reduced to a minimum.
  • Grinding time reduced to minimum
  • High productivity with high viscosity products
  • Off the gauge grinding
  • Fast Cleaning
  • Washing with little solvent
  • Change of extreme colors possible
  • Flexible production volumes
  • If viscosity is increased during grinding, binder or solvent can be added to the mill base without stopping the process.
  • Replacement of worn media can be carried out in a matter of seconds without removing any parts.
  • Cleaning is very easy and very quick. Following the grinding operation, the basket is raised out of the process material, partially emptied and then finally submerged in the cleaning solvent.
  • Our Mill is virtually self cleaning when its runs for a few minutes in a suitable solvent. In respect of Colour changes, 10 to 15 minutes are enough to pass from one batch Colour to another.
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