Lab Basket Mill

Laboratory Basket Mill is an extremely versatile dispersion system, perfect for small specialty batch production. Offering the highest degree of efficiency and dependability, the submersible mill is specifically engineered to allow mixing and grinding or fine dispersion simultaneously in a single tank. This versatile unit can be applied to a wide range of applications, including: pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, personal care and cosmetics.

From mixing and dispersing to melting and cooling, this unit provides consistent temperature control from beginning to end. All can be fully accomplished without tank or blade changes, time consuming clean-ups and operator interaction.

Standard d Features:
  • One-step processing, easy clean-up and better flow control.
  • Batch and tank size flexibility.
  • Ideal for emulsifying and processing hard to wet materials.

Available Options:

  • Process Control System.
  • Vacuum construction.
  • Alternate materials.
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